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As you can imagine, we are always finding new people, places and things that we find useful or interesting. We have divided this into two categories, "Lifestyle Links" where we have all the people and sites that we think are worthy of your notice, and our "Materials Links", where we have a list of suppliers of all kinds of stuff that you probably want to know about.

This is where we put people that we know (or know of) that we think are really cool. You will find people here that do unusual things, that are highly creative, and that you might not come across otherwise. What you will not find here is a laundry list of sites (such as six dozen places to buy rubber stamps, etc.) What you will find are people that we have come across that we think are worth knowing about. Many of these have become personal friends, some are merely acquaintances, and some we have never personally met. They may be in entirely unrelated fields (and many are), but the common thread, our unifying theory, if you will, is that they are the type of folks that we would personally want to know about, so we think that you might also.

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Area rugs, Sisal rugs, Seagrass rugs, Imported rugs
Area rugs – Natural Home Rugs – offering affordable imported rugs such as sisal rugs and seagrass rugs directly to the consumer.

Feller's Art Factory:
Ron and Marsha Feller, story tellers, actors, singers and teachers, these guys are the most interesting people. We met them about 14 years ago at the Oregon State Fair (we were peddling our Designer Ribbon Shredder and loose ends was operating out of the kitchen). The closest thing to actual traveling minstrals, they travel with their Arts Factory van all over the western United States during the school year, putting on singing and story telling programs for the schools and teaching the kids all kinds of paper crafts, with a special emphasis on Ron's unique mask making. Visit Ron and Marsha at their website, we think you will be enchanted.

Schreiner's Iris Gardens:

One of the foremost Iris growers in the United States, we are fortunate to be able to call Dave and Francoise Schreiner our personal friends. If you love gardening, flowers, and especially Iris, you MUST visit their website, and order their catalogue. What a visual feast! And, speaking of visual feasts, if you are ever in the Pacific Northwest near Salem at bloom time (around May) and you can arrange a side trip on Interstate 5, you won't forget the sight of acres and acres of blooming Iris, in every imaginable color stretching on forever as you cruise along.


Island Inspirations:
These guys do really cool stuff. We met them in New Orleans at a trade show, and were stopped dead in our tracks by their napkins! Yea, we said napkins! Now before you think we have lost it, you have to see what they do. These two guys live in Hawaii, and inspired by their native flora, figured out a way to dye and fold these 100% cotton napkins to look just like some of the exotic flowers and foliage they are surrounded by. Believe us, it is really wild to see your napkin perched on your plate looking like a Bird of Paradise! Visit Jeff and his partner at their site and see what we mean.

Loose Ends... Project Management & Personal Assistance:
Loose Ends (no not us, another great outfit with the same name!) is a Virtual Assistance company that can provide every service you need, from planning your events to designing your corporate identity, and everything in between. In virtual partnership with Wild Woman Design, and based in Prescott, Arizona, Loose Ends also does black & white photography, handles legwork for grants research and other projects, and... you name it! They're currently designing a line of note cards using some of our materials for packaging. Katie first contacted us when she discovered OUR site to say how much she loved our product line and to chuckle over the fact that we had the same name! She also commented that she'd like to help us out with redirecting visitors to her site who were actually looking for us.

The Oregon Garden:
The Northwest location for wonderful gardens, great concerts, seminars and events. Located in the center of the beautiful Willamette Valley, this show piece of garden style awaits your visit. And of course, you will see us there also with nothing short of a loose ends experience....


American Traditional Stencils:
We know that there are lots of stencil companies out there, but we have been really impressed with these guys because of the range of stencil designs and patterns that they do. No matter what your proclivities or inclinations (within reason, of course) you should find some ideas here that will work for you. We have used a number of their pieces when we are working on handmade paper and the results have been terrific. Give their site a visit and see what you can find.

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