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Our commitment to an ecologically friendly, inhabitable and sustainable environment is a crucial aspect of our daily operations.

In our product development, we endeavor to select and/or design items that are renewable and that often provide a new economic basis for more rural communities . We have made a large commitment to working with bamboo, which is a highly renewable resource and offers an excellent alternative to the more traditional hardwoods. We also commission many items to be made of a large variety of leaves, grasses and fast growing reeds and fibers. These are highly renewable resources and often provide employment for many otherwise unskilled workers.

We do import some seashells, etc., and the majority of these shells are by-products of the food source that this sealife provides for the local people. Additionally, these are always subject first to an approval from Fish and Wildlife to be sure that nothing is on the endangered species list. We also acquire some items from other importers and we try to be sure that we discontinue any items that become endangered as soon as we are aware of this. We also reproduce some sealife in a variety of papers, pulps and resins, so that the pleasure of natural products can be enjoyed even though they are artificial. For those items that are indeed the actual natural product we endeavor to ensure that the item is a quickly renewable resource and that the item can be removed without harming the habitat in which it survives.

We work extensively with recycled products, both in the papers that we print here in Oregon (using only water soluble inks) and with many of our handmade papers, which will include many recycled fibers and frequently the leftover waste from other industries.

loose ends is situated on approximately 3 acres of land with Pringle Creek running along one property line. The company is currently working with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Team to find a mutually agreeable plan for widening and rehabilitating the creek to the benefit of fish habitat enhancement and the Salem community at large. Additionally, the property itself had once been beautifully landscaped, but fell into disrepair due to a bankruptcy and subsequent neglect. loose ends is actively in the process of reclaiming, re-doing and renewing the gardens, adding their own unique stamp to them.

An appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and it’s products is at the core of what we offer and our continued commitment will always be to preserve, protect and enjoy those wonders.

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