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Tuscany Country Kitchen
Food, food and more FOOD - everywhere food! Food is the essence of the Tuscany Country Kitchen.
Not only is it grown, harvested and cooked fresh, all in the same place, but it is used to decorate,
often mingling with flowers for table arrangements, or hanging overhead in the form of onion or garlic braids.
We have taken some creative license with this look and interpreted it in our own "loose" way (pun intended).

  It doesn't get much more authentic feeling than this. These are FABULOUS! Purple, black and green grape clusters are individually wired on to real vines. Various sizes of leaves are also individually wired and they can be twisted, turned and wrinkled into all kinds of directions and shapes. Jute twine is wound along the entire vine. Six grape clusters are on a 70" vine. We use this around windows, or hanging from a pot rack, then we add a few Wine Grape Clusters for extra "punch".

One of our favorite pieces to work with because you can do ANYTHING with it! We use it both vertically and horizontally to create endless effects with. Try it in front of a window with an ivy for a living window shade, or suspend it overhead, and festoon it with Jardin Party Lites - WOW! And, of course, it is THE perfect piece to use with our Grape Vine!


  Of course you wouldn't want to keep your fresh eggs sitting out on the counter, but we have all kinds of "egg options." for you to choose from. This looks great either sitting or hanging.

The colors of orchards and meadows are reflected in this country placemat. Combine this with the other three available styles in this collection, or use it alone.


  Fill this with oranges, and bananas or maybe onions and garlics and hang on a wall hook. It's handy, and it looks GREAT!

Very Italian! these look like they came straight from the Mediterranean, the paper garlics are SO realistic looking. Actually made of paper, the white bulb is lightly shaded with beiges and taupe. Twelve separate garlics make up each braid.

  Six very realistic looking oranges come in a wooden crate with bits of raffia stuffing. These make an attractive display left in the crate and a few stacked on each other, or combine them with our other Wood Crated Fresh Produce. Of course, they make a great substitute for the real thing in our Abaca Twine Fruit Bag!

Simplicity of form, this jar was designed to hold olives in the mediterranean kitchen but it is equally useful for holding olive branches (or any other foliage you might have).

  This is a great way to get the look of those fabulous old walls that dot the countryside throughout all of Tuscany. "Distress" this paper, apply it to any surface, maybe add a bit of diluted raw umber or burnt umber, and you have the instant antiquity!

The essence of the Mediterranean countryside, these sunflowers have been air dried, giving them a slightly frumpy, decadent look that we love!

  This is such a fun piece! We have six of these in our kitchen! Three hanging off the track lighting, and three meandering across the bamboo curtain rod in the windows. Ten colorful, striped melons with leaves and tendrils are individually wired onto a flexible vine.

The age old art of making vegetables from natural cornhusk is still alive and well, as this tomato shows. We like to throw half a dozen of these into a Spiral Bamboo Serving Bowl with a few of the small Tomato Pairs and maybe some Scallions tossed in - a simple and effective country centerpiece.

  This looks very much like the old pottery vessels that were once used at the vineyards for pouring the family wine, except ours is made from handmade paper pulp and coconut husk fiber. Trimmed in abaca twine, you cannot put liquid in these, but they make a great container for a few dried weeds or sprigs of lavender. Companion piece, "Sangria" is also available.
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