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Breezes heavily laden with the fragrance of tropical blooms, parrot hued colors dot the beach in the form of gingerbread cottages. Salt air, white sand beaches, tall drinks with tiny paper umbrellas and the sound of reggae assault the senses,
as does the warmth of the midday sun. Palms in Paradise, a lazy, laid-back way of approaching life,
and we can have a taste of it anywhere we live.

A riot of color is exuberantly splashed across this 60"wide, 100% cotton fabric. Use this to add a bit of the islands at a window, or perhaps as a bed cover, or maybe even as a few throw pillows.


  Gossamer thin abaca fabric, made from the fiber of the banana tree, is studded with a variety of different tropical seashells. We have used this swagged overhead to "tent" a long, narrow room, and it was FABULOUS! Use this at windows, on walls, over other fabrics, etc. 36" wide.

Don't know how long these will last, since we found our supply tucked in the back corner of an old warehouse where they had been gathering a few years of dust, but they are lovely and we think they would be just the thing mounted in a shadow box. The sizes vary but the seem to range between 12" - 20" .


  Well, it's not suitable for a real bird ,but we are rather partial to keeping fish in it instead, anyway. ("Daily Catch" Fake Fish). Bright colors in this 7" x 13" wood and wire cage make this a fun piece for containing a potted pothos too! Also available in a smaller size, check out Barbados Birdcage.

It just doesn't get any more tropical and/or "ready for a party" than these great little lights. Fifty individual lights are covered in a handmade paper "hat", each "hat" entirely handmade with two complimentary colors. We can't guarantee the cord color (sometimes white, sometimes green), but we can guarantee that these will be the most magical things you have had in a long time! (Art and I have 3 strings of these meandering across our living room ceiling, wound in and out of a piece of fishnet - turn off the lights, get the fireplace lit and turn on the Jardins - PURE MAGIC!

  Probably our most impressive papers, these hand thrown pieces are HUGE 30" x 8 ft. panels. (if you have ever made handmade paper then this is amazing bit of information). Very thin bamboo strips have been embedded in the top layers of pulp to form a grid pattern. These are the ultimate in a tropical wall covering. We like to use these for the top 2/3 of a wall, then use one of our natural fiber mattings for the "wainscotting". We do the Casablanca Papers in 7 patterns, and, now also in a "plain" panel that blends and "dilutes" the intensity of the others. Check them all out in our Handmade Papers Type.

Made from the strong fibers of the banana tree, this netting is a lightweight, lacy textile that can be used to add color and accent almost anywhere. We use bits of it in collage work, have covered other fabrics with it. We draped it across the top of a curtain rod, and we have made it into a see-through "shade" studded with a few pieces of dangling seaweed. 27" wide, it is available in 5 colors and a variety of lengths. Check them all out at our Fabrics And Textiles.

  The artist that does these for us also does lifesize editions, but we just haven't been able to rationalize the acquisition of those yet, so, we offer these charming, 19" tabletop versions. Hand colored canvas is fashioned into these miniature trees, then "potted" in natural jute burlap. Great for adding a touch of the islands to a shelf, coffee table or maybe as a centerpiece for a luau! "Coconut Palm", "Ginger" and "Fan Palm" also available at Canvas Botanikals.

Our collection of "Daily Catch" Fake Fish contains a number of interesting specimens, but the Ming Fish is, by far, the most creatively patterned and colored. Mount these guys on the wall, hang them in a string, use them as "wall hooks" (cut off the tail) throw a "school" of them into a basket,set them in the front window, and let the neighbors wonder. Check out the entire collection at Fake Fish And Fishy Stuff.
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