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Romantic Persuasions
Probably no word evokes more varied responses than “romance”, and it has as many interpretations as aficionados. But one thing all romantics agree on is that the senses must come into play, the emotions must be stirred, a sense of fantasy and an appreciation for the beauty of the world and the things in it, are essential ingredients to the experience.

  Lightly scattered with small, pristine white seashells, this soft,44" wide, white line fabric has a wonderful "drape" to it. We see it on windows, or perhaps canopying and enclosing a four poster bed! Other romantic shell and botanical fabrics are available by clicking on Shell Fabrics and Other Organic Textiles.

Proof that the universe is not a random collection of chemical reactions, the incredible 5-7" Chamber Nautilus has to be one of Nature's most exquisite works of art. We also have these amazing shells available in the "Tiger" variety, and also sliced, so that the intricate spiral structure is visible. Check them all out at Chamber


  We have featured these in another collection, (Palms in Paradise) but they are so wonderful, and such a personal favorite of ours, that we just had to have them here also, because they also have an incredibly romantic side to them, if you use them that way. Try these in a room where you can either swag them overhead, or maybe hang a cluster of them in a corner - all you need is a recording of Glen Miller to complete the mood! (And yes, Art and I really do have three strings of these overhead in our living room!)

This is it! The ultimate in the romantic bed! I mean, can't you just see this with fluffy pillows piled high, and a gossamer-like shell fabric draped and knotted across the top? Or maybe you prefer a Jute Nautical Net swagged across the top, and interesting baubles dangling down. Made entirely of bamboo, with "fan" head and foot board, and four tall poster uprights, supporting connecting pieces that enable you to do any type of canopy that catches your imagination. This is our African Queen size, it is also available in an African King, both are special order items and require approximately 90-120 days to order - so plan ahead! the bamboo beds work with a standard Hollywood bed frame. They require some assembly and needless to say, are too big for UPS, so will be shipped by truck. Call for shipping quote.

African King Bamboo Bed - -84881- - - $1095.00


  Our natural abaca is woven with a gold metallic thread that still leaves you with a very natural looking textile, but with just a bit of extra "zing". This is lovely to use instead of curtains, where privacy is not an issue, or try bunching it across the top of a window instead of a valance. We have used abaca on just about everything, from walls to package wrapping, and everything in-between. We think you will love working with this wonderful and versatile textile. We produce abaca in both ribbon and wrap widths, in twenty-two different solid colors, twenty-two silver "sparkle" colors, six gold "sparkle" colors and nine "ombre" combinations.
Click on Abaca Fibre Color Collection to see them all.

When you want to add a touch of gilding, our Pure Gold Lemon Leaves are just the thing! Real salal leaves on their natural stems have been dried, then gold gilded. Use these in floral arrangements, add them to potpourri, tuck one in a handmade greeting card, use them in collage or montage creations, or just scatter some on a table top to add a bit of glamour!


  Well, it sort of makesyou of think of a bordello, but then again, it has a wonderful beachy look, so, there you are! This is a very rich and elegant looking tassel, with thick white mopping cascading out of a perfect spiral shell. Use two or three of these at a window, or near French doors to add a look of romance and opulence.

This is the most incredible paper. Actually made with a high content of textile fibers, including silk, it is a light, airy and "almost not there", 23" x 30" paper. We love using this on a variety of different things, but one of our most romantic uses is to "frost" windows with it. The papers will provide a bit of privacy, still allow plenty of light, and most important, impart a delightful, soft look to both the window and the light coming in it. Be sure to check out ourrs for all the thirty-one colors.


This highly flexible tin garland has eight hearts scattered along its 36" wire. We love this twisted through a wreath or floral arrangement, wound around a picture frame, meandering across a fireplace mantle, used as a substitute for ribbon on a package, to tie back curtains, . . . . . . And don't forget to see all the other designs at.

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