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Planet Animal
“Anthropomorphism, the attributes of human characteristics, motivation and/or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena” (Websters). Well, we can’t really comment definitively on the inanimate objects and/or natural phenomena (although we have our personal suspicions), but we CAN emphatically confirm that the animal folk think and feel the same stuff that we do (all the animals Art and I have ever shared our lives with would certainly agree). So, with that understanding, we would like to share with you some of the more interesting characters that we have encountered. Keep an eye on this “planet”, because we suspect that it will become more populated as time goes by.

  Foxy and Mortimer Mole are about as unlikely a pair as you could find. Foxy is the perfect example of “sly as a fox”, while Mortimer is a somewhat slow witted, congenial fellow. Perpetually sleepy, he would never suspect anyone of anything unpleasant. As unalike as they are, they still tend to seek each other out for an evening of poker (actually Foxy does the seeking). Poor, unsuspecting Mortimer does occasionally wonder why he so rarely ever wins a hand, but the thought of Foxy maybe keeping something up his sleeve, (or behind his back in this case) never enters Morty’s trusting mind. The pair come with a “table” with porcelain cards on it and they tend to play long into the night (with poor Morty just getting sleepier).
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Roland, that devilish dog - brings new meaning to that old saying “every dog has his day”, for Roland has many days, and nights too, if rumors are to be believed. A fellow of many talents, he claims lineage dating back to a hound belonging to Casanova, which is how he explains his astounding finesse and charm with the ladies. He and his other Stick People friends are entirely handmade by three gentlemen living in the Black Forest Region of Bavaria. They hand split the “shingles” that they use for making their “people” and still mix their paint/glue by hand from the same formula used centuries ago by the village people. Please do not confuse these unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with the more readily available reproductions on the market.

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