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Parts and Tools
Otherwise know as raw materials, this is where you will find some of the underpinnings for the things we create on television and for magazines. Watch for this area to grow as we continue to add things that we either develop or discover that we think are just too cool not to let you know about.

  We have used this form for a number of great projects. The special foam is very dense and takes hot glue with a vengeance! Do you collect seashells, ribbon bits, old costume jewelry, pinecones, . . . use this as a starting point for almost anything that you have been keeping stashed in a shoebox in the back of your closet!
Also be sure to check out all the other Green Floral Foam shapes that are available.

Looking just like a real used brick, the red pulp on this 4” x 8” “Worn Brick” is “dusted” with a “cement” smear to add realism. We do these fake “bricks” in three compatible sizes and two different finishes. The “Adobe” finish resembles actual adobe and has pieces of real straw embedded in the pulp. This really is one of the best ideas we have ever come up with!
Go to Paper Pulp Tile to see everybod

  And if you want something even more radical than the Paper Pulp Tile, then our Faux Brick is just the thing. These look like they were taken from a site that had been standing in a damp jungle for the last few hundred years. Made of paper mache, the “bricks” are crusty with “moss” and have various irregularities, creating variety and realism. an if that’s not enough, we also have “rocks” that look like they were hanging out at the same ruin.
Check out Faux Stonework.

When you just can’t make up your mind what papers, ribbons, etc. you want to use in a collage, this is a great choice. We make these packages up here, and the lady that creates them has a wonderful eye for complimentary colors. This is an easy and fun way to get started doing paper crafts and collage.

  We have put these assortments of 10 pcs. of 8” x 10” Katutubo “Short Sheets” together so that you will receive a variety of different colors and patterns. These start out as HUGE, handpainted pieces of paper, that then have gold pigmented, melted was drizzled on. Every package will vary, with the patterns always slightly different.

Color coordinated, these assortments are put together to give you a variety of different papers that compliment and coordinate with each other, making art/craft projects easy. Available in a number of assortments, the 5 pc. Paks have papers 11-3/4” x 17-1/2” and the 9 pc. Paks have papers that are 8-1/4” x 11-3/4”. Check out our Paper Paks for the entire range of choices.


Incredible, but true - this is the product that we started the company with! In 1988 we were shipping out thousands of these fellows from our kitchen (which is where we were working at the time). Today, we still carry this handy little tool, and we always will, since it is now a company mascot! Use this to create miles of “shreddies”, using out Krayons “Shred N’Curl” Ribbon. This is a handy tool for using on certain foliage, or anything that will “straight line tear”.


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