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Papiers Collection
We have put together a collection of papers, paper ribbon and paper wire that are color coordinated with each other to make mixing and matching fun and easy. The paper is beater dyed (pigmentation is in the pulp) and “wrinkled” to give an interesting texture to the “wrap” and “ribbon”. The paper wire is great fun, with the ability to hold any shape, whether coiled, bent, curled, twisted, etc. Our “Gilded Papers” and “Seaspray Papers “ are also beater dyed and “wrinkled” with the added attraction of one side being coated with either and opalescent or gold gild finish.

  A wonderful, heavier with paper that is “pre-distressed”, we love using this in all kinds of creative ways. It has enough body to actually be bunched and cascaded across a window top, used to make “dresses” for dolls, pieces assembled into collage/montage work, and, of course, you can always wrap packages with it. We offer this versatile 24” wide paper in three lengths, and 13 vibrant colors - just click on Papiers Wrinkle Wrap.

The same paper as the “Wrap”, but only 5” wide, use this to finish packages, make a variety of woven, plaited or braided projects, or to create killer bows! The “Ribbon” is available in three different lengths, and 13 colors. Check out the other colors on Papiers “Wrinkle Ribbon

  Very fun stuff. You can twist, contort, coil, bend, curl and otherwise “fold, spindle, and mutilate” and this will hold whatever shape! We have even used it to simulate curly branch twigs (in another color, of course). Available in two lengths, we like to always have a few big spools on hand to use on all kinds of things. Click on Papiers “Paper Wire” for all colors and sizes.

Beater dyed colors in misty, coastal colors are coated on one side with an opalescent film to give them a frothy, icy look! Extremely interesting to use in applications where you can fold the paper to show both the coated and uncoated side in the same project. 21” wide “Wrap” is available in three lengths and in five frosty colors. See the entire selection on “Seaspray Paper Wrap”.

  Pale and frosty, we love the look! The 4-1/4” “Ribbons” are the same distressed, pigmented papers as the “Wrap” and these look great either used with each other or used as an accent on the regular Papiers “Wrinkle Wrap”. Available in two different lengths and five colors. Click on “Seaspray Paper Ribbon”.

Very elegant! Our same pigmented paper is coated on one side with a gold gilding, giving the 21” wide paper a muted, almost “antique” look. This is one of our favorite papers to work with, especially in packaging because you can create such interesting effects working with both sides of the papers. Available in three lengths. Click on “Gilded Paper Wrap” for selections.

  The same colors as our “Gilded Paper Wrap”, the 4-1/4” wide Ribbon is a favorite for using in craft projects, such as braiding it with other ribbons, or twisting it into a “rope”, and combining it with other products, like our Copper Mesh. Available in three lengths and five colors. See “Gilded Paper Ribbon” & “Wrap.”
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