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Organic Decorating
Probably the central theme of so much of what we do, Organic Decorating is based on the principal that Mother Nature has the greatest design sense of all, and that we can take her lead and go on from there.

  This is a very organic looking piece, with 1/4 - 1/2’ twigs fashioned into this very versatile piece. It will open out to 48” x 36” and can be used as a room divider, a small animal “gate”,or maybe a drying rack for wildflowers. Try hanging it vertically from the ceiling as a more unusual area divider!

Although originally designed to be a winter “banquet” for the birds, we have found that these make rather spectacular “tassels” when two or three of them are hung in a cluster in either a corner or at the side of a large picture window.

  Very cool - these garlands are on 6 ft. long heavy wire, and each one is chock full of different pods, all individually wired on for maximum design flexibility. Use these to tie back curtains, to swag around a window sill, to meander across the top of a bookshelf, woven through a wreath or floral design, etc. Check out Pod Garland for all varieties.

This is really an attractive piece. White/grey birch bark strips are hand wound into this 6” sphere. We like this used in a mix of other Botanikal Bundles & Spheres .

  This piece looks like it might have just grown there on the floor. Rough coconut husk covers the 13” x 14” basket, with a Coco Twig design on the side and natural green moss trimming the bottom. Use this to put rolled up magazines, or maybe a stash of pinecones for firestarters.

Organic decorating incorporates, not just the gatherings from fields and forest, but also the harvest from the oceans. Our Feather Murex Tassel/Ties are “drop dead” gorgeous, and they are both elegant, yet casual enough to work in any decor. 6-7” shells are attached to a 88” lampakany fiber rope.

  This really looks like it could be a clump of miniature cattails growing in a swamp, but actually they are combined with our Dakota Grass and wrapped around a bamboo container insert. Finished off with a tie of natural raffia, this looks terrific just by itself, or add some tall, spare material, like Kiwi Sticks or Horsetail Reed.

Put him on a shelf, hang him on a wall, pop him in a basket, dangle him from a window cord, really, you can put him just about anywhere that could be improved with a lobster addition. Llifesize at 12", and best of all, he is always pleasant to be around from an olfactory point of view.

  Amazing stuff! Our Linen Bark strips have been laminated onto a very heavy, 22” x 31” handmade paper, making a thick, strong product that can be used as book covers, surfacing (such as on a screen or panel), or, one of our favorite things, cut into “tile” pieces and used that way to create an interesting area on a wall or piece of artwork. Be sure to check out all of the Architectural Fibre Papers, they are really unusual and lend themselves to a LOT of interesting applications!

DRAMATIC! And all you have to do is dump a pile of them into a great looking bowl or basket! These unusual pods are big, 3-5” and have a natural sheen, or, you can soak them in water and peel off the outer skin to reveal a “hairy” surface! We love these combined with theSlitPomelos

  You really have to see this ribbon to appreciate how gorgeous it is. Real leaves are laminated onto a heavy paper backing, then the leaves are hand gilded to accent their texture. There are loads of uses for this (floral work, packaging, collage, crafts), but our favorite is to use this wide, 5” ribbon as a border or wainscotting band on a wall!

One of our most popular items, this is really a fabulous piece! You can use it underfoot (it “crunches” so you have the added bonus of listening pleasure), or, at 6-1/2 ft x 9-1/2 ft. it makes the ultimate statement as a wall covering!


A light, airy, and definitely "beach house" feel is created with this ephemeral piece. Natural abaca fiber is fashioned into a 36" x 96" curtain, then it is festooned with an assortment of different seashells. Six abaca fiber loops are generous enough to accommodate a fairly thick rod (we think bamboo looks the best). Be sure to check out our "Abaca & Shell" Pillow Cover also!
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