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Now and Zen

A casual blending of East and West, our “Now & Zen” theme is a celebration of natural materials and an appreciation for beauty in even the most mundane items. Asian influences are versatile, and adapt easily, blending into other decors, adding a touch of the exotic as they do so. Taking our cue from our many travels overseas, “Now & Zen” brings together diverse elements to combine in new and exciting ways, perhaps taking a traditional Oriental item, and interpreting it differently, using it in another manner entirely.

An appreciation for the natural world is at the heart of this theme, and natural materials, bamboo, reeds, grasses and other fibers are used extensively for everything from furniture to chopsticks. The sound of melodious chimes, stirred by gentle breezes, a simple, yet elegant bamboo tray, inviting one to take time for tea, this is “Now & Zen”. Quiet colors, organic materials, places that suggest that you sit, and perhaps take time to muse in a personal journal, all are part of the ambiance of this look.

But all is not contemplative and serene. Our take on this theme is also playful; a bouquet of Bamboo Flutes that takes the place of a vase of flowers, a pair of Zen Sand Brooms hanging, like artwork, on the wall, and Bamboo Paper Clips combine perfectly with Bamboo Pens for that journal writer in your life (even if its you).

Bamboo is, most probably, the most frequently used material in Asian culture. Highly renewable, it is an environmentally responsible material to work with, and its adaptability makes it the ideal material for almost everything.

Our Zen Bamboo Tea Table & Chair are great for either indoor or outdoor use. The low Zen Bamboo Tea Table, at 24” x 28” x 15-1/2” (high) has a casual feel, and is just the right size for two. The Zen Bamboo Tea Chair sits 9-1/2” off the floor and measures 18” x 19” x 28” (back), inviting you to sit, relax for awhile and take tea.

Mood lighting plays an important role in this look and the mood it creates is often more important than the light that is provided. Add a colorful, contemporary look with our Parlor Shades, made of natural raffia cloth that has been crinkled around a metal frame. Available in five rich colors, they measure 8” x 8”x 14” (not wired, ready for a light kit available in home improvement stores)

Matting, in all types of natural fibers are used for floor coverings or wall hangings. Our Straw Grass Hanging Sumi Mats are closely woven and highly flexible. The same grass matting is also available in matching pillows.

Handmade paper has always played a large role in Asian culture. Whether it is in a beautiful package presentation, or a “paper wall”, in the form of shoji screens, it is an important element. Hand thrown sheets with beautiful kanji scripting can be used for everything from individual pieces of artwork, ready to be frame and hung, to virtually art/craft project that you can imagine. We offer two collections that bring this design element to you:

And if you are into doing your own creations, whether those are something as small as a personal journal, or as large as creating an entire room, it is the details that make the difference. Our Japanese “Luck” Stones are great foor adding that extra “touch”. Traditionally made for the Japanese market, they are used for everything from packaging to trims on curtains, lampshades, added to artwork, etc.

Whether you love the quiet, earthy ambiance of the Asian countryside, or the trendy, colorful look of the busy cities, the look is Now, the mood is Zen.


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