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Cabin Fever
This rustic style has become extremely popular due to its versatility and ability to either accent or blend into a myriad of styles. Whether it takes its inspiration from the woodlands of northern Maine, the mountain regions of the Great Smokies and Adirondacks, the rugged lands of the Rockies, or the primeval wilderness of the Pacific Northwest,
this look has a charm and timeless appeal.

  You can create a very interesting, and unusual wall covering using the "Java Bark". It is a very heavy handmade paper , with our Linen Bark/Natural on the top. The pieces are quite stiff, and are excellent for cutting into "tiles" to make into a "basketweave" pattern, or you could vary them with strips or "tiles" of "Vanilla Bark" Architectural Fibre Paper.

Great accent pieces! Five heavy twigs are handlashed together in three places with strong, natural hemp rope to make rustic "posts" that can be used to create all kinds of wonderful effects. In order to achieve consistency in diameter, "posts" are frequently pieced together from two or three shorter pieces, adding to the hand hewn, rustic look. Try one on either side of an interior entry, or use to hang muslin curtains from, or make "faux" columns in a room, or, or, or,.

  Our tough, and rustic looking Savanah Cloth is used to make this wall piece. Fill the pockets with mossed sticks, or dried grasses to add a natural, "just in from the woods" look.

Although we frequently use this piece for a tropical look, it is equally adaptable in a rustic, woodsy setting. The dark fibers look great with table centerpieces of natural Botanikals, such as Pods or Pinecones.

  We think this adds a great touch to a rustic environment. Wooden eggs are held in a twig "cradle" that can be hung on a wall. Also available in a full dozen.

Holding six bottles of wine, the half timber logs are accented with meandering vines. This is a wonderfully rustic way to store and display your favorites!

  Too small for anybody to really live in, these are the perfect size to use in a floral arrangement, set on a bookshelf, hang in a window, etc.

In shades of cream, white and brown, this large vase is decorated with a hand painted spring bulb and its Latin botanical name. The top is finished in a wrap of twigs, making this equally attractive either planted, or maybe just used as a container for . . . onions in the kitchen, dried weeds, bulbs waiting to be planted, etc.

  What is more rustic than pinecones? These are the ultimate perfect little pinecone. Measuring 1" - 2", these guys are great to use in a variety of different creative projects, or just toss a handful of them into a wooden bowl!


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