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Banana Bay Bamboo Lifestyle

The BANANA BAY BAMBOO LIFESTYLE is palm trees swaying in ocean breezes. Trade winds rustling through the palm fronds, heavy with the scent of jasmine, frangipani, and our personal favorite, sampaguita, the waxy, cream colored blossoms whose fragrance translates to tropical island living.

This is the lifestyle of the Pacific Islands, Bora Bora, Tahiti and Fiji, where palm leaves, bamboo and other natural fibers are used to create dwellings open to the elements, beach huts with thatching, or local stone homes built on bluffs overlooking the sea. When you think South Pacific, it is this ambiance that springs to mind.

This is the lifestyle of the Caribbean, where life moves to its own relaxed beat. It is the sound of steel drums and islander’s voices; it is the sight of island cottages with gingerbread fretwork, painted with broad strokes of bright colors and plenty of island attitude.

The sound of reggae music can be heard, drifting on the same breeze that brings the Sampaguita Oil fragrance in through the open windows into a room with Pandan Mats casually scattered on bamboo floor. Ceiling fans move the air lazily about and bamboo chairs invite you to sit for a bit and perhaps sip something tall and frothy. And what is that in the corner of the porch? A hammock, the perfect place to take a midday nap when the hectic pace of island life requires a time out.

So, if the island living look of paradise is your idea of the good life, you can create this laid back ambiance in your own home, no matter where you live. Think Hawaiian and Polynesian accents. Think hot, tropical colors playing off in sharp contrast to the muted natural shades of bamboo furniture, raffia shades or pandan matting for the floor. Think tiki huts and tiki bars. Think coconut implements for serving summer fare and Coconut Shell Drinking Vessels for your Matais. Think raffia skirting for your bed and maybe a swag of some airy, seashell studded fabric for a canopy.

And think bamboo, bamboo, bamboo! Anything and everything made of bamboo, from bamboo beds to bamboo bars, bamboo tables to bamboo trays, bamboo stools to bamboo screens!


The BANANA BAY BAMBOO LIFESTYLE theme is epitomized by lounging in a Bamboo Deck Chair to soak up the summer sun. It is the crisp, frothy Abaca Shell Curtain at the window, filtering out the midday sun with its companion Abaca Shell Pillows inviting the lounger to stay just a little bit longer.

And, of course, shells. Next to bamboo, the other “can’t do without” element for this look has to be seashells. The sea and the natural treasures it offers in the form of seashells and sealife is a critical player in the BANANA BAY BAMBOO LIFESTYLE. Place a Chamber Nautilus Shell on a bamboo coffee table and you have the perfect piece of artwork. Want something a bit lighter in mood?

How about a Shell Neck Collar? They look great on necks, whether that neck is on a lovely lady or a bottle of fine wine!

Shell Tassels, Shell Vases, Shell Spheres, Shell Bundles, Shell Curtains, Shell Swags, Shell Plates . . . whatever your fancy, there is a seashell to take care of it. So, add a bit of island whimsy can be added with a bowl of Shell Spheres, or for quick ambiance the Beachcomber Shell Bundle is perfect.

The folks that live in BANANA BAY don’t take themselves or life too seriously. “Life is a beach” pretty much defines their attitude, and that carries over into their idea of décor also. One of the newest and most popular items to pop onto their radar is the outrageous Banana Leaf Cast Stone Garden Chair!

Made of a unique combination of pulverized stone and resin, it is weather hardy and can be left to age naturally, or the more courageous may want to add their own creative paint flourishes to it! And speaking of island whimsy, BANANA BAY is famous for, what else, bananas! Bright yellow bananas against a pomegranate orange wall, wagged from a porch ceiling hook and ripening on the branch. Guaranteed never to get over ripe, be sire tp check out our Banana Bunches. They look so real that you may have to put up a “please don’t eat the bananas” sign.


So if relaxed, island inspired living is your thing, welcome to BANANA BAY BAMBOO LIFESTYLE. Want some more inspiration? Be sure to check out all the goodies in our COASTAL DÉCOR and SEASHELL categories!

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