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Would Molly rather have one of those wonderfully organic Dakota Grass Vases, or would the Pygmy Cattail Vase be more her style?
Don is a wine connoisseur and loves to entertain, wouldn’t the Bamboo Wine Caddy be a perfect gift? – but then maybe he would rather have a set of the Urban Bamboo Serving Bowls – so elegant and perfect for “finger food” 

Shana loves anything that reminds her of her favorite place – the beach.  The Beach Glass Compote would be fabulous with a few shells and a fat chunky candle – but then she would also fall in love with the Sea Tossed Vases.

And, of course, there is always Tamara – our artist friend, who would think she had died and gone to heaven if she got an assortment of Handmade Papers, maybe some Abaca, and a few other strange organic fibers.  But which ones – tough to make an artist’s choices for her – and she might want to mix in some assorted seashells and odd pods.

So much to choose from, so many possibilities - what to do? The loose ends Gift Certificate to the rescue! Available in $25, $50, and $100 denominations, these are the perfect answer - and you never need to worry about them returning it because it didn't fit, or was the wrong color! Give your special “someones” a ticket to a world of creative possibilities - a loose ends Gift Certificate.

Your loose ends Gift Certificate will be tucked into one of our Safari Folders (a $3.50 value) and we will even a hank of natural Seagrass to tie the everything together – ready to give to a special friend.

plus our 45 minute DVD “Trade Secrets-Surface Application of Paper & Organic Textiles” FREE on $50.00 and the $100.00 certificates only

Please Note: You can combine any number of gift certificates denominations below to arrive at the total amount you wish to purchase.

$25 Gift Certificate 56225

$50 Gift Certificate 56325

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loose ends

Our workshop DVD series where we explore anything and EVERYTHING creative. Techniques, raw materials, projects, ideas, tips, and general mental fodder to use as a starting place for your own creativity!

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#101 “Surface Application
Paper and Organic Textiles”

Learn our basic techniques that we use for surface decoration and various types of papers and specialty textiles. We explore and define the different varieties of papers, including Project Paper, Handmade Papers and Tissues. We also take a look at the number of unusual organic textiles, including Linen Bark, Pulp Netting and Pulp Lace. Rather than any specific project, this 45 minute video focuses on raw materials and our general techniques and applications that can be used in an endless variety of creative ways. And, of course, we have LOTS of finished projects and ideas to get you going!

Introduction: “Basic Materials”

Art and Sandi explain the characteristics of a variety of papers and raw organic textiles, and demonstrate “distressing”.

Segment One: “Glue & Drape”

Probably our most frequently used and certainly most cost effective way of applying paper and other materials to a variety of surfaces.

Segment Two: “Wallpaper Paste”

What type to use and when is this the adhesive of choice. Differences in the finished effect depending on adhesive choice.



Segment Three: “Liquid Laminate”

Special characteristics of this adhesive and specific results obtainable only with this adhesive choice.



Video #42101

Trade Secrets DVD #101 "Surface Application of Paper and Organic Textiles"

Item Price: $14.95     

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