"Imagination is more important than information"
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"She says she sells seashells at the seashore"

Well we sell them too. Truly some of Mother Nature’s most amazing works of art, seashells, perhaps more than anything, give irrefutable evidence of intelligence at work in the universe – an artistic intelligence. His/Her work can be seen in the perfect geometry of a Tiger Nautilus spiral, the intricate patterns of light an dark on a Philippine Scorpion, the playful cartoon colors of the Haitian Sea Snail. Whether found in the sea or tossed up on the sand by the relentless tides, individual specimen pieces can rival anything found in an art gallery. And, as natural raw material, seashells are unrivalled. Everyone finds their own way, but whether you create elaborate chandeliers encrusted with oyster and sea snail, cover a fireplace mantle at a beach house with cockles, fashion tiny exquisite pieces of jewelry with pygmy opals, or just pile a personal collection into a favorite bowl or clear vase, there is a special magic in sharing time and space with seashells. We have chosen some of our personal favorites, (and we keep adding to those!). Try a Pulp Tray or one of the Marsh Cane Containers with a handful of the bigger shells for a centerpiece, use matching or contrasting ones as cabinet knobs, apply smaller ones like a trim along a ceiling edge, or even set just one beautiful piece on a mantle. If you are looking for shells, you are in the right spot! We also have a huge selection of wonderful seashell accessories that can be found in our COASTAL ACCENTS category.

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