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  Wild Things Collection

We took our cue from the animals of Africa to produce what is still our most popular collection of Project Papers. Providing all of the drama and interest of animal pelts, but on paper, these are still our undisputed favorite for crumpling and "distressing", then applying to virtually ANYTHING. We have shown this paper applied to furniture, albums, pots, lamps, mannequins, even floors and walls. We have sewn it into vests, pillows, and even a wall quilt. It has been fashioned into placemats, table runners, and "soft boxes". And remember, the more you wad and wrinkle this stuff, the more realistic it looks! We do all kinds of stuff with this paper, so be sure to see More About for some great ideas.

Sale does not apply to Project Paper Collections.

Sold in:
- 20" x 30" sheets.
- 30" x 20 ft. project rolls.

Paper pricing:
- $1.75 per sheet

- $14.90 per roll

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