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Wabi Sabi Paper Paks

One of my favorite paper collections is our Coffee House Handmade Papers.  I first saw these when we were on an overseas buying trip, and these papers were all together in a large fanned-out display.  I never forgot how much I loved them when they were all together, and finally, after years of thinking about it, we decided to put together smaller pieces of these same delicious colors, arranged in 2 different groupings, and to call them our Wabi Sabi Paper Paks - the colors just seemed to exemplify the subtle, understated and quiet beauty that the term implies.

Embracing the difficult to describe wabi sabi ethos, the colors are strong, yet mellow – if they spoke, they would whisper, not shout.  16 different papers, divided into two, 8 piece collections - “Earth & Clay” with warm earthy tones and “Stone & Water” with deeper, richer shades.  Papers have one smooth, one rougher surface with some papers also including visible fiber bits. 

It was hard to decide which colors to put together because they all work so wonderfully with each other, but when I spread them all out on the work table, the papers themselves seemed to tell me which grouping they wanted to go into.

Use these for collage, mixed media, printing, letter writing, scrapbooking, or any other paper art or craftwork.   Designed to work with each other, the “Earth & Clay” collection combines beautifully with the “Stone & Water” colors.

The “Earth & Clay” grouping contains 8 pieces of beater dyed (pigment in the pulp) handmade paper in soft, warm shades of taupe, plum, clay, rust, and grey - including “Dusty Plum”, “Daily News, Charcoal”, “Slate”, “Russet”, “Peach Latte,”, “Con Leche”, “Mixed Fruit” & “Putty”,   Each piece is approximately   7-1/2” x 10-1/4”

The “Stone & Water” grouping contains 8 pieces of beater dyed (pigment in the pulp) handmade paper in deep, rich shades of green, blues, greys, purples and rust - including “3:00 pm Sky”, “Blue Spruce”, “Storm”, “Shetland Tweed”, “Fig”, “Mahogany”, “Cinnamon” & “Berry Frappe”,   Each piece is approximately   7-1/2” x 10-1/4”

ALERT:  These papers are no longer being made. 
When existing stock is gone these items will no longer be available.

92030 “Earth & Clay” Wabi Sabi Paper Pak

92035Stone & Water” Wabi Sabi Paper Pak

92050 Wabi Sabi Paper Pak Double Collection



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