"Imagination is more important than information"
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le Studio (projects)

A pickle bucket full of driftwood, a female mannequin, salvaged from a defunct department store, and a collection of interesting squashes in various stages of drying. Scraps of loose paper, ribbons and trinkets, and a Savannah Cloth Wall Pouch brimming over with Fake Fish (whole and parts), gull feathers collected after a particularly violent storm, assorted pods and sticks, and dried weeds from last summer's foraging trips. Open rafters stuffed with rolls of our favorite handmade papers, a German street sign naming an obscure lane in Frankfurt, and an old Victorian paper-advertising fan. And, then, of course, the Books! Endless piles and stacks of Books, shelves of Books, Books on everything from design, to travel journals, to feng shui, to the deeper questions on the Meaning of Life. All required mental fodder for the imagination (and this is only in the northeast corner of the room!) Step into "le studio", (a slight affectation for loose ends Studio, of course), where we will be designing Projects, giving you Tips, throwing out ideas, and generally being playful with our (and your) creativity. New Projects will appear regularly, complete with "Ingredient" lists (with hot links to products) and the appropriate "Recipe". These hot links will allow you to modify the Project, or just easily connect with products that you may have been looking for. At the end of each Project page there will also be a "Project Kit" that can be purchased, saving you money over buying the individual products. Projects, which have been shown on television or seen in magazines, will be identified as such. We think these pages will inspire you to take the creative plunge, and to use our ideas as just the starting point for your own imagination! Actually the above is a very accurate description of the "studio" (our basement), where Art and I, with Jiminey and Cricket keeping an eye on us, work, research, daydream, scheme, experiment, try new ideas, share hot tea in the morning or Coronas in the afternoon, and find things that work, (and things that don't).

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Hurricane Lamp
Paper & Rope

Pewter" Vase

Castaway Jug

Coco Twig
Window Shade


Date Jar 

Leaf Bowl

Antique Copper
Wall Panel
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