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As you can imagine, we are always finding new people, places and things that we find useful or interesting. We have divided this into two categories, "Lifestyle Links" where we have all the people and sites that we think are worthy of your notice, and our "Materials Links", where we have a list of suppliers of all kinds of stuff that you probably want to know about.

This is where we put people that we know (or know of) that we think are really cool. You will find people here that do unusual things, that are highly creative, and that you might not come across otherwise. What you will not find here is a laundry list of sites (such as six dozen places to buy rubber stamps, etc.) What you will find are people that we have come across that we think are worth knowing about. Many of these have become personal friends, some are merely acquaintances, and some we have never personally met. They may be in entirely unrelated fields (and many are), but the common thread, our unifying theory, if you will, is that they are the type of folks that we would personally want to know about, so we think that you might also.

Wherever possible, we have tried to include a bit of biography, history, or something that gives you a bit of information on WHO they are and WHY they are in this rather special list. So, here they are, and we hope you find something or someone that really makes your day!

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Ruth's Jewish Stamps


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