Information for users of Custom Branded Browsers. (AOL, JUNO Etc.)

We are currently aware of an issue that appears to be centered around users of Custom Branded Browsers.

Custom Branded: means that internet access is gained and then surfed through a third party interface (AOL, Juno...) which in turn uses a custom copy of either Internet Explorer or Netscape within its system. There are really only 2 commercial browsers (IE and Netscape) so even if you are using a custom interface, in a way you are still using 1 of the 2.

Problem: Some users are experiencing "Illegal Operation" messages and then either getting kicked of line or browser completely closes. We are working hard to help find a solution to provide to our customers but as of yet can only pass on the following info.

  1. This does not happen to every user of AOL or Juno so try the site first and if you experience the issues noted then follow some of our recommendations. We for example here at looseends are able to use AOL through our site just fine. As well as we have tested it on other machines as low as AOL 4.0 with no problem. But at the same time we are getting more and more calls with user experiencing this issue. So we again are working hard for a solution.

  2. Try to have the latest browser available to you installed on your system. By browser we mean IE or Netscape. Even if you are using AOL it will in turn load whatever copy of browser you have installed on your system and use it within its interface (On AOL 7.0). So even if you have AOL 7.0 installed on your machine, if you have never upgraded your IE or Netscape you could be launching a 3.0 or 4.0 version of the browser that came installed with your computer when you bought it. It can be really mis-leading when you think you have installed 7.0, and are now running the latest technology. That is not the case.

  3. Best solution after making sure your browsers are upgraded is to Minimize your AOL, Juno, etc.. browser after connecting to the internet and then opening the IE or Netscape program on your machine. Then do your surfing of the web through that and not the Branded Interface, you will find that your whole web surfing experience will improve not just your experience with us.

We will continue to post any other new info we find as well as a solution when one becomes available.

Thank You
looseends team